"Imtayaz Qassim is a conceptual UK based Menswear brand. Channelling an aesthetic that challenges opinions, combines culture and heritage whilst expressing a story through contemporary design and art."

After graduating from University with a BA Hon’s Degree in Fashion Design where he concentrated his degree on Menswear, Founder and Creative Director Imtayaz Qassim began his career working with some of the UK and Europe's finest Menswear brands, whilst also working on bespoke garments for an exclusive list of clients.

Qassim's work is based around the exploration and study of his bi-cultural upbringing, the heritage and rich history of which his faith and culture derive from, and how he identifies in today's society. Formulating a dialogue that creates awareness and discussion of a forgotten history, where different religions, races and cultures can not only peacefully co-exist but also prosper and benefit from one another. 

People who forget or blatantly ignore major trends or events in world history can be said to suffer from “historical amnesia” and through his design work he hopes to dispel some of the stereotypes and misperceptions that people may have, especially about the history of Islam and the West, a relationship that was not only peaceful but prosperous to both.

"Story telling is the oldest form of education"